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The Big Board, Corner Bakery Both Now Officially Open

1) Atlas District: They had their neighborhood appreciation night and various other soft opening events last week, but The Big Board celebrated its grand opening on Saturday. Since burgers are so hot right now, burgers are the focus of the menu that includes beefy odes to various cities — The Big Apple, Memphis Blues, The Casablanca and more. And Urban Daddy reports there is "a large monitor on the wall will display the current beer prices ... the more you order of one kind, the more the price creeps down." Status: Certified open. 421 H St, NE; website

2) Chinatown: The City Paper notes that yet another outlet of the Corner Bakery has opened in DC today, this time in Chinatown. The menu will be familiar to anyone who has frequented the chain's other DC locations — sandwiches, salads, pastas and baked goods, among other things. Status: Certified open. 777 6th St, NW; website

Corner Bakery grand opening [Photo: Facebook]

The Big Board

421 H Street Northeast, , DC 20002 (202) 543-3630 Visit Website

Big Board

421 H St, NE, Washington, DC