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Michael Landrum Closes Ray's Hell Burger Too

So one thing that's not too terribly surprising is to find restaurateur Michael Landrum being mysterious and making unexpected announcements. After all, he opened Ray's to the Third last month without fully committing to a name or menu for the restaurant until minutes before it opened. Still — surprise! — ARLnow reports that Landrum has abruptly closed Ray's Hell Burger Too with plans for a new concept to take its place in a month.

As Landrum told Eater last month, he'd originally wanted to move Hell Burger Too to the space he owns across the street since the burger place was in need of a more "modern facility." But, as we know, he ultimately decided to put Ray's to the Third there instead. So what's going to become now of the Hell Burger Too space? Here are hints: It will be casual, it will be cheap, it will not be Ray's the Catch. But maybe your guess is as good as Landrum's, who tells ARLnow: "Honestly, everything works, but I sort of just make stuff up as I go along? With my restaurants, I don’t know when they’re going to open, or what’s going to be on the menu, until the day before."

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