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Cafe Milano Was Perhaps a Target in Terrorist Bomb Plot

Georgetown's Café Milano may have been the target of an alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States. What? Well, according to the Washington Post, one of the suggested sites of the bombing was "a Washington restaurant where Jubeir “goes out and eat[s] like two times a week." The paper's Reliable Source column then did a little further digging and makes a guess that the restaurant in question was Georgetown's Café Milano, "a see-and-be-seen favorite for jet-setting types and A-list pols." The restaurant's owner tells the paper he doesn't know anything about the investigation, but says, "We cannot live in fear" and confirms he will not be installing metal detectors.

Meanwhile, a writer at The New Republic takes this as an opportunity to critique the Georgetown restaurant: "...the Saudi ambassador's purported fondness for the place is merely the latest instance confirming that Cafe Milano has become the most fashionable restaurant in Washington, DC., without ever entering the usual intermediate stage of becoming one of the best." The Yelp-ish review further observes that "Cafe Milano is just an okay restaurant, and it's way overpriced," but adds "there's nothing wrong with it or anything." Keeping it classy.

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Cafe Milano

3251 Prospect Street Northwest, , DC 20007 (202) 333-6183 Visit Website

Cafe Milano

3251 Prospect St, NW, Washington, DC