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Week in Reviews

jack-rose-150.jpgTom Sietsema visits Jack Rose Dining Saloon for his First Bite column this week and determines that while the booze selection is indeed impressive, the food is not so much. He likes his Steak Diane and the general idea if not the execution of the ham biscuits, but complains that "One night's arctic char smells as if it sailed in on a slow boat from China; the fish was promptly returned to the kitchen and replaced by (better) short ribs." The place is also just too noisy for the critic who brings his own sound meter with him to restaurants. [WaPo]

Jack Rose Dining Saloon

2007 18th Street Northwest, , DC 20009 (202) 588-7388 Visit Website

Jack Rose Dining Saloon

2007 18th St, NW, Washington, DC