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A Spy's House Still For Sale; New Townhouses For Courthouse

All the latest neighborhood news from Curbed DC...
A Georgetown architect meets an eccentric millionaire. Photo from Zillow.

VIENNA—Robert Hanssen, the former spy, now prisoner, had a house in Vienna that transferred to his wife upon his incarceration. She listed it on the market in the spring, but it hasn't found a buyer after two price reductions. It is still on the market if anyone wants a 5 bed/3 bath for $680,000. We have pictures of the spacious insides.

USA—Someone put together a handy infographic ranking the price per square foot for real estate around the world. The median price for the US is surprisingly cheap—cheaper than Tehran, Beirut and other unlikely cities.

COURTHOUSE—A slew of new townhouses just hit the market in this commuter-friendly section of town. We have a few pictures of the model unit. Prices start in the high 600s.

PETWORTH—Every week we try to find a good deal for our Under 300K Club and this week a 3 bed/1 bath rowhouse makes the list.

DMV—In honor of the waning warm weather we've pulled together some photos and information about different green roofs in the city. From Sidwell Friends School to the top of an Exxon station, all of them were built in highly unusual places.

—Eccentric millionaires have the right to have a rotating marble floor in their garage so they don't ever have to back their cars out. That's just one of the wacked-out characteristics of this over-the-top mansion that Georgetown's Hugh Jacobsen designed before he was fired by aforementioned eccentric millionaire.

MARYLAND—If you want to get a head start on Halloween by looking at a creepy house that used to be the base of operations for an illegal pain clinic, check out this place. Built by one of Teddy Roosevelt's original Rough Riders, we think he was responsible for the elephant tusks the size of a small adult.