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No, There Will Not Be Pot Brownies on Proof's Alice B. Toklas-Inspired Menu

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Proof has partnered with its neighbor across the street, the National Portrait Gallery, for a tasting menu honoring writer Gertrude Stein, subject of the museum's fall exhibit. And, as a press release notes, the $59 four-course tasting menu — available now through Nov. 3 — was inspired by a book Stein's life partner Alice B. Toklas wrote titled The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook.

Well, as any literary stoner or person who Googled "Alice B. Toklas Cookbook" while researching a blog post would know, the very most famous recipe from this book is for pot brownies. Hashish fudge, if you will. But, in the ultimate menu-planning fail, Proof's four-course meal features bouillabaisse, salad aphrodite, duck with endives, celery root and sauce bordelaise — and, most disappointingly, crepes normandes for dessert. Not hash-laced brownies. When Eater reached out to Proof owner Mark Kuller to demand an explanation for this egregious omission, he replied with a very serious answer: "Pretty simple explanation. Alice B Toklas' pot brownie recipe was left off the tasting menu because mine are much better!"

Well then. As you were.

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