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Watch DC Chefs Channel James Bond in Fancy Clothing

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Last year, a Georgetown clothing store named Lost Boys asked five local chefs — Bryan Voltaggio, Mike Isabella, Scott Drewno, Joe Palma and Ben Lambert — to serve as models for their Winter 2010 Look Book. Well, it seems that the photo shoot is a video. An amazing video in which these fine gentlemen don dark sunglasses, designer duds and their best "I am just standing here being manly and hot" looks as they stroll through Georgetown with a blonde lady who flips her hair around a lot.

The video (which was originally posted to YouTube in April) merits some attention on a Friday given these delightful highlights: Drewno trying over and over to remove something from his jacket pocket, Isabella contemplating a stone wall, and Voltaggio continually checking his watch — which seems like it could be a bomb? For your weekend enjoyment, the video:

Video: Lost Boys

· LostBoys [YouTube]