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The Obamas Pick Restaurant Eve For Their Anniversary Dinner, Much Like Everyone Else

A lot of people celebrate their wedding anniversaries at Restaurant Eve, and now add Barack and Michelle Obama to the list. It's their 19th anniversary, and the President and First Lady celebrated on Saturday night with dinner at the Old Town Alexandria restaurant. Even though the Obamas have patronized Cathal and Meshelle Armstrong's restaurants before, Eve's Twitter feed this weekend indicates that the excitement of having a presidential VIP in your dining room never quite dies off, describing the dining room as "surreal" and making frequent use of all-caps. And the chef was so excited when he got the call from Eve's general manager that he forgot to turn off the stove when he left home.

Restaurant Eve is a classy place for classy diners, so they're not giving anything away in terms of what the Obamas ate. But a rep for the restaurant notes that, unsurprisingly, there were a few other anniversaries in the house that night. There is also this bit of color:

The first couple were extraordinarily gracious, taking photos with the servers and waving to the patrons in the bar-lounge. Chef Armstrong's brother Edward, in town for the weekend visiting from Ireland rose from his bar seat as Cathal brought the president over to meet him and to take a photo. Edward told the president he was one of thousands to be inspired as he heard him speak at Trinity College in Dublin when the president was there earlier this year. President Obama, laughed, and was thrilled as Edward in Irish said, — "Is Feidir Linn" — YES WE CAN! The president's reply: "I love Ireland."

Also, for all those with Eve reservations who are worried about the dress code, Meshelle Armstrong says that wearing that cheap** dress you bought from Target is totally cool. Though maybe only if you're Michelle Obama.

**UPDATE: Just to clarify, this is a joke from a writer whose wardrobe almost exclusively consists of cheap dresses from Target. But Meshelle Armstrong did not use the word cheap.

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Restaurant Eve

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Restaurant Eve

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