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Proof's Duck and Foie Gras Wonton Soup

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As part of Eater's first ever Chinese Food Week, chefs at six major Washington, DC restaurants that don't serve Chinese food agreed to make a special limited edition dish, served just this week. Every day we'll highlight a new dish, starting with today's Duck and Foie Gras Wonton Soup at Proof.

[R. Lopez]

Proof executive chef Haidar Karoum is no stranger to Asian flavors, having spent several years as executive chef at Asia Nora. Here, he explains his inspiration for the Duck and Foie Gras Wonton Soup on Proof's menu for Eater's Chinese Food Week: "For some reason I always associate soup with Chinese takeout...whether it be hot and sour, egg drop or in the case of our dish, wonton. We go through a lot of duck at Proof, which leaves us with lots of duck carcasses — perfect for making a rich duck broth. So with that as the base we plan on making a classic wonton soup but subbing roasted duck broth for chicken stock. Wontons will be made with ground duck meat enriched with foie gras. Garnished with thinly sliced shiitake, baby spinach & julliene of ham."

Want to get a taste? The soup — which some Eater readers may have noticed was already on the menu this past weekend — will be available for dinner all week long for $12. And stayed tuned to get a peek at the rest of our limited edition dishes from Ripple, Graffiato, J&G Steakhouse, Smith Commons and Watershed.

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