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Watch DC Baristas Talk Smack on 'Putrid, Hellish' Philadelphia and Its Latte Art

The DC and Philadelphia chapters of Thursday Night Throwdown — a monthly latte art competition — are going head-to-head on October 20 at Big Bear Cafe to see who can make the prettiest doodles in your coffee cup. And, keeping it classy, a group of amusing and possibly hipster local baristas have made a video in which they talk coffee-snob smack about the City of Brotherly Love — "a city overrun with vagrants" — and its dastardly baristas who "serve scalding milk," among other crimes. But what might be the most disturbing thing about Philadelphia is the city's affection for Cheez Whiz, with which these baristas written the sign above: "Cheez Whiz. What the fuck is that?" And now, the video:

DC vs Philly:

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