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HGTV's Casting Call; New Multi-Family Buildings All Over Town; More!

All the latest neighborhood news from Curbed DC...

LOGAN CIRCLE—The old Victorian building at the corner of 12th and Rhode Island (above) is going to get an overhaul and be turned into seven (or maybe eight) condos. We have the details.

NAVY YARD—Foundry Lofts is a new rental building that has just started leasing their one and two bedrooms. Prices start at $2,000 per month, plus fees. We have pictures of their model unit.

MARYLAND—Do you live within ninety miles of Annapolis or Baltimore? HGTV is looking for first time home buyers to appear on their show My First Place along with the real estate agent who is helping them through the process.

POTOMAC—When the price is a million and a half dollars you don't expect to hear the words "good deal" associated with it, but the size of this house, its location and the acreage make you wonder what the sellers are thinking. Do they not realize how popular eye-candy is?

THE INTERWEBS—If you want the real deal on what is up with the housing market we have links to a recent podcast by two guys who know what they are talking about—Barry Ritholtz and Jonathan Miller (the former writes for WaPo amongst his many other dealings and the latter is a big time appraiser in NYC and Curbed contributor). Warning: swear words abound.

COLUMBIA HEIGHTS—The almost-finished condo building at 1020 Monroe had their first open house and we got a bunch of pictures of the units that were open to the public. Click over for photos and price information.

NOMA—Archstone developers have one building ready to deliver in early 2012 so they figured it was high time to buy another parcel of land not far away. That's another few hundred units for this emerging nabe.

VIDEO INTERLUDE—Break dancing on Metro trains is a great way to pass the time.