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Polls Are Open: Vote For DC's Bartender of the Year

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The weekend is almost here, so it's appropriate that today's voting category for the fast-approaching Eater Awards is for Bartender of the Year. As you'll recall, we've been asking readers for help all week long to narrow down the nominees in the categories for Restaurant of the Year, So Hot Right Now and yesterday we narrowed down the pool for Chef of the Year. The three remaining contenders for that last category are José Andrés, Kyle Bailey and Scott Drewno — whose mother left possibly the most adorable comment of all time.

But anyway. Now it's time to find the DC mixologist who is the most skilled in helping you get your drink on. Here's how it works: Eater editors have named nominees. Eater readers will vote, narrowing the nominees to three finalists. From those three finalists, the Eater editorial team will select a winner. Ready to play your part? This poll will be open for 24 hours; voting irregularities will be strictly policed.

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