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Proof Events Director Kim Burke Shares Her Ink

Welcome back to Ink Spotted, a feature in which Eater talks to DC's tattooed chefs and gets the stories behind their most intriguing ink.

[Photos: Nevin Martell/]

Almost every time Proof events director Kim Burke takes a trip, she ends up getting a tattoo to commemorate it. She’s been inked in London, Las Vegas, Seattle, Philadelphia, Richmond and beyond. Not all of her work was done by pros though. On the last night of a study abroad program in Glasgow, she ended up hanging out at a stick ‘n’ poke party. Get your head out of the gutter — this is a rudimentary technique that involves friends tattooing each other using only an ink-dipped sewing needle "and lots and lots of beer," according to Burke. She gave a few and got one of a miniature umbrella to mark her time in the rainy Scottish city.

At first her body art was influenced by classic sailor-style tattoos — and she has the cutlass tattoo to prove it — but now she draws her own art. "I went to school for painting and printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University," she says. "So I might as well put that degree to work."

Her next tattoo could be a rainbow-and-unicorn tramp stamp. "Everyone else thinks it's crazy, but the idea just makes me laugh," says Burke. "I'm already going to be the weird, artsy grandma, so I don't care anymore."

—Nevin Martell

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