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Watch José Andrés Make Caesar Salad For The Simpsons

You may have heard that this Sunday brings a very special food-related episode of The Simpsons with appearances by various famous chefs, including what appears to be our very own José Andrés. In a preview clip, he presents the Simpsons family with a deconstructed Caesar salad made from vials of romaine lettuce gel, egg yolk ice, crouton foam and anchovy air. You're supposed to eat it like this: "gel, ice, foam, air, foam, ice, gel, foam, air."

The Spanish chef tweeted this morning, "They did my deconstructed Caesar salad? AMAZING." Why didn't he already know that? Well, even though many of the other chefs depicted in the episode — such as Anthony Bourdain and Gordon Ramsay — voiced their own characters, Andrés unfortunately did not. Here is the clip — and Eater National has the rest of the episode's preview clips.

Video: The Simpsons: José Andrés

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