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Darnell Perkins Has a History of Breakfast at Smokey's

The DC area is home to a lot of restaurants, and among them are hidden gems that many Washingtonians aren't unearthing. To help guide us to these potential discoveries, we've enlisted some of our city's many food players to share with us their under the radar recommendations for Eater's latest feature, Dining Confidential.

smokeys-250.jpgDarnell Perkins, owner of Darnell's Bar, a cozy, neighborhood bar and restauarant near Howard University, remembers the breakfast he grew up with at Smokey's.

"A place that I really like for breakfast is Smokey's on 14th and Crittenden. You can sit at the counter and it's amazing. I went to West elementary school on 14th and Gallatin and it's been there since I was in school. The people are really friendly. It really reminds me of family.

I get the breakfast special — fried potatoes with onions and green peppers, eggs scrambled with cheese, and scrapple. I take an OJ. But they're known for their potato wedges and I always get an order to-go. They've had the same potato wedges for 25 years. Matter of fact, I'm heading there now."


4714 14th St, NW, Washington, DC