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DMV's First Passive House Finds A Buyer; Under 300K In NoMa

All the latest neighborhood news from Curbed DC...

BETHESDA—The first Passive House for the area found a buyer last month (pictured). It took a few price cuts, but we have the full rundown over on Curbed.

SHAW—The very big DC Guest House is still available. It almost found a buyer, but the contract fell through. Click over for shots of the wildest decor you'll find in the city.

HERE AND NOT HERE—There's a new report about by Trulia that use search data to analyze where DC residents want to move to and where incoming residents are coming from. We have the maps over on Curbed.

NOMA—This week's Under 300K Club is a rowhouse in NoMa that could use a little work, but is liveable as it is now. Three years from now the price will probably double.

INTERNET—There's a new way to search for homes on which lets you rank your lifestyle preferences rather than just check yes/no for things like school district and walk score.

CAPITOL HILL—Patriotism is everywhere, including house colors. We found a red, white, and blue one all right next to each other. The white one is for sale for $739K.