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BLT Steak Has Burgers For Both the 99% and the 1%

Photo: @metrocurean

BLT Steak launched its rotating line of political burgers a few weeks ago, full of the usual winks at politics from the Bi-Partisan Burger to the Pork Barrel. Well, they're also on top of current events over at BLT Steak — included on the burger menu is a 99% burger and a 1% burger. Fitting for their location between the Occupy DC camp at McPherson Square and the White House and other power-players who often lunch at the restaurant.

So what exactly do you get with these burgers? For all the 1% out there, $58 buys a Kobe burger with foie gras, gold leaf and Grey Poupon. For the rest of us, the 99% burger is the cheapest of all the burger options — $9.99 for a burger with American cheese on Wonder Bread. Of course, pair it with a side like the $8 french fries or $11 creamed spinach and it's not quite so cheap anymore.

· @Metrocurean [Twitter via Eater National]
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BLT Steak

1625 I Street Northwest, , DC 20006 (202) 689-8999 Visit Website

BLT Steak

1625 Eye Street Northwest, Washington D.C., DC 20006