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Eatonville Hosted Michelle Obama For Dinner Yet Again

We already know she likes Spike Mendelsohn's restaurants, Equinox and BLT Steak, but now might Michelle Obama be on her way to becoming a regular over at Eatonville? The Southern restaurant tweeted last night that it hosted the First Lady for dinner for the second time in six months. Eater followed up with general manager Michael Woods this morning, who wished to respect the First Lady's wishes by staying tight-lipped about the particulars of the dinner. Michelle Obama is probably sick of people counting her caloric intake. At any rate, for reference, she ordered the pecan-crusted trout last time she was in the restaurant. But Woods was free to talk about what a visit from the White House has meant to the restaurant.

As could be expected, Woods says Eatonville did indeed see a swell of business after Obama first visited the restaurant on July 14: "The guests that were coming down here [last time the First Lady visited] came to investigate personally: 'Where did she sit? What did she eat? Who was she with? What was she wearing?' The 'Where did she sit and can I please sit in the same seat' was a request we had for weeks to come."

Eatonville has been open now for two and a half years on its corner of 14th and V streets — just enough time for the opening luster to fade. But presidential endorsements, Woods says, don't just remind people that they're still there — they also "put the establishment on the radar is a different kind of way." So cue the onslaught of guests hoping to sit in Michelle Obama's chair.

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