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Michael Landrum Opens Steak and Cheese in Rosslyn

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Surprise! The latest member of Ray's the Steaks restaurateur Michael Landrum is officially a place called Steak and Cheese. And it is now open. Yes, the mysterious restaurant taking over the old Ray's Hell Burger too space that Landrum closed a few weeks ago is a steak and cheese place that Landrum tells Eater is his favorite thing he's done.

But before Philly people get too excited, this is decidedly not a cheesesteak place. The menu (posted on a Coke machine) includes a warning that "We absolutely do not serve 'Philly' anything or 'cheesesteaks.' We do not claim or attempt to be anyone's idea of 'authentic.'" And this is an idea Landrum emphasized several times in an interview — that this is simply his version of a steak-and-cheese, done to the best of his abilities with the best ingredients he can find.

So what is "the best of his abilities"? Well, that would be a half-pound of rib-eye and sirloin, topped with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato and a combination of American and provolone cheese that Landrum says is specifically his own style of the sandwich. You can add green and red peppers, sauteed mushrooms or jalapenos or get tater tots on the side for $2. The bread is not Sarcone's but rather from Lyon Bakery. Quote Landrum: "I fantasize about our roll. It's the most delicious roll ever."

Landrum says he didn't necessarily know that Steak and Cheese was what he was going to open when he closed down Hell Burger Too — he experimented with a few things — but it's something he has always wanted to do. As much as he loves Ray's the Steaks, he says, this is the food he really loves.

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