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Pork Barrel BBQ Swears It'll Open in Del Ray Tomorrow

Photo: Mango Mike/Pork Barrel BBQ

Well, frankly, it is about damn time. The long-awaited Del Ray barbecue restaurant Pork Barrel BBQ has announced that it will open to the public for dinner tomorrow after months upon months of delays. Also news is that they've brought aboard former Evening Star Café chef Will Artley as a consultant to share his knowledge of operating a restaurant and even offering tweaks to the side dishes — including what co-owner Brett Thompson calls an "off-the-charts" rendition of mac-n-cheese.

So how bad were these delays? Well, the project began back in August of 2009 and in early April of this year they were saying they were set to open "any day now." In the months since then, the owners have been hard at work winning barbecue competitions and releasing barbecue-scented cologne. But Thompson tells Eater that the final inspections took place last week and they've spent the whole weekend testing out the smoker and getting it ready for primetime. The only way this might not happen, he says, is if something goes really wrong at tonight's friends-and-family soft opening. Here's a look at the menu.

The Menu:

Real BBQ (Sandwich or by the lb)
Hand Pulled Pork
Sliced Brisket
Texas Beef Sausage
BBQ Chicken
St Louis Ribs (half rack, full rack, by the lb)

Pitmaster Nachos
Corn Tortilla Chips, topped with your choice of Brisket or Pork, Smoked Chipoltle Cheese, Red Onion, Tomatoes, Jalapenos, and Cole Slaw. Don’t forget to finish it with your favorite sauce.

Green & Que Salad
Mixed greens, with tomatoes, red onion, topped with Brisket or Pork and your choice of Salad dressing.

Redneck Ratatouille
Large Entrée Size Portion of our Vegetarian Smoked Vegetable Medely. Seasonal Veggies topped with Crispy Breading

Smakin’ Big Daddy
Full One Pound Oversized sandwich, served with one side. Only for the very hungy.

The “Weigh Station”
Have the butcher carve up your choice of our signature BBQ. Create your own MIX of any of our 5 meats.


Chilled Stuff
Creamy Cole Slaw*#
Skin On Potato Salad*#
Corn and Avacado Salad*#
Cool Cucumber Salad#
Texas Caviar*#

Hot Stuff
Smoked Chipotle Mac and Cheese#
Sweet BBQ Baked Beans
Corn Pudding#
Redneck Ratatoulie#*
Collared Greens*

*indicates Gluten Free
# indicates vegetarian

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Pork Barrel BBQ

2312 Mount Vernon Avenue, , VA 22301 (703) 822-5699 Visit Website

Pork Barrel BBQ

2300 Mt. Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA