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Robert Mugabe, Saddam Hussein Star in a Nando's Ad

Oh dear. Nando's Peri-Peri, the South African chicken chain that has been spreading its tentacles throughout the Washington region, has landed itself in a spot of trouble. With Zimbabwe militants. It appears the chain's latest ad campaign features a dream sequence where Zimbabwe's president Robert Mugabe — who realizes all of his dictator friends have died — indulges in a joyous water gun fight with Muammar Gaddafi, makes sand angels with Saddam Hussein and reenacts the famous Titanic scene with Uganda's Idi Amin. You know, the usual dictator activities.

These commercials are airing in South Africa, but apparently also in Zimbabwe. Awkward! So now Zimbabwe militants loyal to Mugabe are calling for a boycott of Nando's, though apparently the company that franchises the chain in Zimbabwe were unaware of the ad and are calling it "insensitive and in poor taste." Here's the commercial:

Video: Nando's Dictators Ad:

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