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Michael Landrum's Steak and Cheese Experiment Is Over

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Oh lord. One month ago, Michael Landrum opened a steak-and-cheese place in the old Ray's Hell Burger Too space in Rosslyn. Well, apparently that didn't work out too well because ARLnow is reporting that Landrum has closed Steak and Cheese and turned it back into Ray's Hell Burger Too. This is, of course, good news in that people love Ray's Hell Burger Too and were apparently clamoring to get it back. But it's also sad news when noting that Landrum told Eater last month that Steak and Cheese was his favorite thing he's ever done as a restaurateur.

Anyhow, that steak-and-cheese sandwich will still be available at Ray's to the Third across the street. As Landrum says to ARLnow of the switch: "We’ve restored order and natural harmony. Over the holiday season you hope that people have a little forgiveness in their hearts."

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Ray's Hell Burger Too

1713 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA