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District Taco To Open Up Somewhere in Metro Center

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Arlington-based food truck District Taco announced in May that it was in the market for a second brick-and-mortar location — one that was actually in the District proper. The taco truck's fans have been waiting patiently ever since and now there is some good news. The truck tweeted this afternoon that it has secured a location in Metro Center.

Though he couldn't reveal the exact address just yet, owner Marc Wallace tells Eater that the new location will be similar to the Arlington brick-and-mortar, with the same menu of tacos, burritos, quesadillas and more. They're hoping to open in spring 2012 "or earlier if we can pull it off," but of course there's never any real predicting. Wallace also noted that the space is already under construction, so you know what that means — let's all get to work on sniffing this one out.

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District Taco, Arlington [Photo: Marc M./Yelp]