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DC vs NY Food Fight

palena-truffled-cheeseburger-150.jpgFurthering the never-ending DC vs. New York feud that exists mostly in our imaginations, the Post's Tim Carman challenged Serious Eats founder Ed Levine to a cheap eats competition between the two cities. (Because "cheap eats" somehow means $18 burgers?) Well, DC only won in two of the seven categories: Palena's truffled cheeseburger killed it when compared to the black angus burger at New York's Prime Meats, and Taylor Gourmet only just barely edged out the turkey sandwich at Parm. Congrats or something? [WaPo]

Taylor Gourmet

2400 South Smith Boulevard, , VA 22202 (703) 417-2145


3529 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC, DC 20008