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What Is DeafSpace Architecture; The Third-Highest Sale Of 2011; The Curbed Cup Continues

All the latest neighborhood and real estate news from Curbed DC...

DISTRICT—Another high-end property changed hands just in time to get it on the books for 2011. This one was a $7.7M deal that ranks as the third-highest sale of the year and the house has had a few well-connected owners in its past. The seller was an adviser to Henry Paulson and the owner before that was former Senator Bill Frist.

ADAMS MORGAN—We came across this surprisingly nice condo in a building that looks slightly neglected from the outside. It is a 2 bed, 2.5 bath for $529,000.

GALLAUDET—There's an unsung building trend called DeafSpace architecture that looks at how to make buildings more deaf-friendly. Gallaudet is leading the way with dozens of ideas and we took a look at a few of them inside one of their newest dorms.

DMV—Every once in a while we look at housing statistics for the area and this time we charted sales activity by each presidential term since Clinton. Prepare yourself for extreme peaks and valleys.

CURBED—The quarter finals of our vote for best neighborhood continues next week. The neighborhoods that get to advance are Capitol Hill, Columbia Heights, Logan Circle, and Shaw. Click over for a look at each round so far.

CURBED—Another housekeeping announcement. We're looking for a freelance contributor who loves to dish the dirt about real estate. If you fit the bill, check out what to do here.