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The Standard's Team Plans Expansion Down 14th Street

Earlier this month — to the dismay of many — beer garden barbecue restaurant Standard temporarily closed for the winter season. But it appears that this does not mean the team is kicking back on vacation until the restaurant's scheduled March reopening. On Friday, food writer Russell Warnick spotted a liquor license application in Standard owner Tad Curtz's name for an Italian restaurant with a to-be-determined name in the Well Built Furniture space on 14th Street (a tweet later picked up by the good people over at Borderstan).

The 85-seat indoor space is going to be significantly greater than that of the Standard — not exactly a difficult accomplishment given how tiny the beer garden is inside. There's also going to be limited sidewalk seating for 20 people. Eater reached out to Curtz, who declined to comment via email, writing just that "we tend to be very superstitious and don't want to say anything until more details are worked out." So, as always, more information as it comes. And happy New Year indeed to all you Standard fans.

· @russellwarnick [Twitter]
· Liquor License App for 1541 14th NW, Site of Well Built Furniture [Borderstan]

1541 14th St NW, Washington, DC