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Red Palace's Burger Delights; Big Board Launches Lunch

ATLAS DISTRICT—The Red Palace has announced that its new kitchen is now open and it will launch a brand new burger-filled menu tonight. It includes unholy creations like the Buporken (beef topped with pulled pork topped with grilled chicken) and the (Wo)Man Up burger which is two beef patties, bacon and the usual fixings with a tall boy on the side for $20. Oh yes, there are regular burgers as well. [Twitter]

ATLAS DISTRICT—For some more lunch options in the neighborhood, Frozen Tropics notes that the Big Board launches its weekday lunch menu on January 2 at 11 a.m. [FT]

LISTICLES—Going Out Guru Fritz Hahn compiles a listicle of 2011 bar trends, which include drinking locally and "above-and-beyond bar food." He specifically highlights the Queen Vic, Standard, Passenger, Smoke & Barrel and the bar at Fiola for pairing their booze with good food. [WaPo]

Red Palace [Photo: Facebook]


1801 14th Street NW, Washington, DC 20009


601 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, , DC 20004 (202) 628-2888 Visit Website

The Queen Vic

1206 H Street Northeast, , DC 20002 (202) 396-2001 Visit Website

The Big Board

421 H Street Northeast, , DC 20002 (202) 543-3630 Visit Website

Red Palace

1210 H St NE, Washington, DC