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Curbed's Innovation Week; A Good Deal In Trinidad; What's the Best Neighborhood In DC?

All the latest neighborhood news from Curbed DC...

INNOVATION WEEK—We're wrapping up our coverage of creative housing ideas so click on over if you want to learn about some inventive residences, wild and crazy wall treatments, or extreme eco-friendly digs.

BETHESDA—Last week we showed you the latest contemporary house from Robert Gurney and this week we have the floorplans to show you. And a few more shots of the pool, twenty feet above ground (pictured).

CURBED—We need to your nominations for the best neighborhood in DC so we can put it to a year-end vote later this month. Send you nominations in to

TRINIDAD—Our Under 300K Club this week is a flipper's success story—if it sells, that is. But, our guess is this will go quickly since it is major renovation in a decent location.

WISCONSIN AVENUE—The aging shopping complex just north of the National Cathedral has been trying to get a redevelopment project going for years now, and a new partner was announced this past week. Now we can tell you that "Cathedral Commons" (between Macomb and Idaho) will now be developed primarily by The Bozzuto Group and will bring a few hundred apartments and a new Giant to the neighborhood.

CURBED—We announced are brand new Curbed App this week, a handy way to get out content on your phone as well as check out the growing list of place pages we're compiling about newsworthy buildings in the city. It's free too.

I-66—DDOT forgot to run their spellchecker on the new exit sign for Sycamore Street and we have the incriminating photo over on Curbed.