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Mike Isabella to Lead Kitchen in Valentine's Day Pop-Up

Hmm looks like the next pop-up restaurant is hitting DC much sooner than April 12 - try next week.

Art event planner Phillippa Hughes and current Top Cheftestant Mike Isabella are teaming up on Valentine's Day to bring DC a one-night-only love song to art, music and culinary delights named Cuisine Contra. Though the creators are keeping mum on the location (to be revealed only on the big day), TastingTable has a preview of Isabella's menu, which includes roasted clams, crispy ravioli with sweetbreads and caviar, and braised pork shank with mustard. Consider it an amuse bouche for his soon-to-open Graffiato.

But Cuisine Contra will be about a lot more than the food. Wordsmiths can beat up the beat at a poetry cafe, music-lovers will sway to the sounds of jazz standards and theatergoers will enjoy brief performances by local actors.

So if you waited until the last minute to make Valentine's Day reservations, looks like it's your lucky day.

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