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Bryon Brown Brings Pop Ups to DC's Riverfront

Only a couple months to go until DC's next entrant to the pop-up scene arrives.

Byron Brown, creator of the Artisa Kitchen supper club, aims to dazzle diners with his new concept Sensorium that opens April 12. Combining culinary arts and performing arts, this pop-up will feature a 12-course meal amid a full-scale production - all beneath a geodesic dome near Nationals Park.

Sensorium's menu isn't set yet, but the Post did manage to glean this interesting detail in an interview with Brown: a mimosa grape amuse which "uses pop rocks to simulate carbonation and turns the mimosa liquid into a grape using a gel encapsulation technique."

Brown also gives DC credit for not being the boring culinary town that some may think, even telling the Post, "I don't think I could have done this in any other city."

The pop-up will run for six weeks with two seatings each night, except for Mondays when its dark. Tickets are $125-150.

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