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Front Page, Kora Fall Behind In Arlington County Meals Taxes

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Bad news for Arlington restaurants today. The county has released its meals tax delinquency list and it doesn't look too good. ARL Now reports that several Arlington establishments have fallen even further behind on their payments — including the Front Page's Ballston branch that added $22,000 to its debt just between December and February. Morou Ouattara's Italian-inspired Kora also ranks high on the list (a dubious honor) despite the recent revival of the beloved Farrah Olivia inside the private dining room. Other restaurants falling further behind are Tandoori Nights (Clarendon), Guarapo (Courthouse), and Champion Billiards (Shirlington).

On the bright side, the two top offenders on the delinquency list have actually reduced their debts, Roberto Donna being among them. His now-defunct Bebo Trattoria owed $160,898.82 in December, but today the burden is about $7,000 lighter. Meanwhile, Shirlington's Extra Virgin has now paid off about $1,000 of its $72,352.56 debt.

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Guarapo [Photo: Neal E./Yelp]