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POTUS Ignites Controversy Over Super Bowl Beer Selection

It took a few mugs of beer to lay a national controversy to rest back in the heady days of the 2009 White House Beer Summit. But, this week, beer is at the root of a diplomatic crisis. First, Eddie Gehman Kohan at ObamaFoodorama reported that POTUS ordered some artisanal brews from Green Bay's Hinterland Brewery to serve at his Super Bowl party this weekend.

Now apparently Pittsburgh brewer Scott Smith has started a campaign to convince POTUS that his East End Brewing Company should have a place at the presidential coffee table, too. Smith's got his Facebook fans writing the White House and Congress to get the message across. One fan also comments that East End is "much too good for DC but we can give them a taste." Uh, go Packers?

» Pittsburgh Microbrewer Hopes Steeler Beer Will Be Served at White House Super Bowl Party [ObamaFoodorama]