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SAUCA creator announces launch of new food truck tomorrow

Even though Farhad Assari only just unleashed a third food truck, MARCO POLO, in January, the creator behind SAUCA says another truck will launch tomorrow at Farragut Friday. MEATHEAD will join SAUCALITO, PANGEA and the aforementioned MARCO POLO in serving up Assari's signature "globally inspired" street food.

MEATHEAD's menu is exactly what you might expect from Old MacDonald: Sandwiches made from rib-eye steak, pork and chicken are named Moo Moo, Oink Oink and Cluck Cluck. But the menu item that will undoubtedly become MEATHEAD's most popular is the one that makes this truck worthy of its name. Slapped between the griddled bun of the Meathead sandwich will be a combination of steak, pork and chicken, topped with cole slaw, caramelized onions, triple cheese sauce and a touch of the other sandwiches' signatures sauces. Talk about oink oink.