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Columbia Heights' Underground Taqueria Gets Some Mainstream Love

In his weekly chat today, Todd Kliman tells the tale of his visit to the Taqueria Juquilita, an underground Oaxacan restaurant in Columbia Heights. The story begins with a man throwing a house key to Kliman and his friends from the second story of an apartment complex and involves a feast of tacos al pastor, quesadillas with pickled squash blossoms, goat soup and a sampling of mole and salsa verde that Kliman claims were "as good as their counterparts at Jose Andres's upscale Oyamel."

Bloggers have written about Taqueria Juquilita before, but the City Paper's Michael Grass notes that Kliman's visit is a sign that the secret restaurant is raising its profile. Neither scribe spills the downlow restaurant's address, but Grass recommends watching out for groups of gringos waiting on the sidewalk for a key to be tossed down. Or, you know, you can always call the number listed on the taqueria's Facebook page.

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