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Pound Coffee Closes In NoMa While Opening On The Hill

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Pound Coffee
Pound Coffee
Photo: Karl J./Yelp

Today is a bittersweet one for Pound Coffee. In the midst of its Capitol Hill outpost's grand opening, a twist in the plans means it's time to mourn the original Pound Coffee. Khalil Ghannam, owner of the coffee shops, confirms that they had to close the NoMa location this morning — for good. While Pound had every intention to keep both locations running, he says, issues with the landlord proved too difficult. The kitchen at the old place was too small and the location wouldn't support just a coffee shop, he added. A Facebook post notes that the staff has all moved over to the new location, too. Speaking of which! The opening at Pound the Hill is "so far so good" and starting today they'll be serving the full menu, including their popular tikka masala. The previously announced promo for free lattes, however, has been delayed. Understandably.

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