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What Goes On In A Kitchen When The President Is Your VIP

We all know it's a madhouse pretty much any time the Obamas are out on the town for a nice meal. But what goes on in the kitchen? The Post was on the scene during First Lady Michelle Obama's recent lunch visit to Equinox, and describes the choreography between this and other White House restaurant outings.

Given the shockingly secretive nature of the visits, sometimes chefs and owners don't even know ahead of time. Cathal Armstrong had to book it from Restaurant Eve to the Majestic when he got a text message that Michelle Obama and daughters were dining there one summer. But there's only so much stealth involved with agents are placed throughout the restaurant, including the kitchen. During a visit to the Source for the First Lady's birthday, a Secret Service agent watched carefully over chef Scott Drewno's shoulder — though it turns out that may have been more about getting good cooking tips rather than a safety precaution. And a note to chefs who decide to send special dishes to their VIP: He can't accept any gifts, so everything will need to be added to the bill.

· The mission at a restaurant where the Obamas dine: Remain calm. [WaPo]

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