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Meshelle Armstrong Just Asks For Civility In Complaints

Meshelle Armstrong, co-owner of Old Town Alexandria's leading restaurant empire, has a few words to say about disgruntled customers who jump to conclusions. In her Back of the House column for Northern Virginia Magazine, Armstrong shares a testy email exchange with a patron who accused her flagship Restaurant Eve of overcharging. In response, she says this is actually a practice of the customer's bank, placing an automatic hold on funds with the assumption they will be put toward gratuity. In the end, she says, the customer's bank owes them both an apology.

Armstrong writes that she doesn't mind the complaints — so long as they're polite: "Don’t think we purposely overcharged you. Give us the benefit of the doubt. Allow us time to research and rectify the situation if we were at fault. If we tell you we’ll take care of it, believe us."

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Cathal and Meshelle Armstrong [Photo: Restaurant Eve]

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