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DC-Area Restaurants Participating in UNICEF Tap Project

Several local restaurants are going to be asking patrons to put some money toward their normally free tap water this week — unfortunately timed with the D.C. Water and Sewer Authority announcement that a spring cleaning of citywide pipes might make it taste a little funny. But it's for a good cause!

Yes, this week is World Water Week, during which restaurants nationwide team up with the UNICEF Tap Project to raise awareness of the world water crisis. Participating restaurants will solicit donations of $1 or more from customers drinking tap water — with proceeds going to UNICEF's efforts to bring clean water to children around the world.

ABout 54 DC-area restaurants are participating in this year's UNICEF Tap Project, and a lot of them are good options anyway. There's Cafe Atlantico, matchbox, Brasserie Beck, Citronelle, Bourbon Steak, Potenza, Sushi Taro, Pizzeria Paradise and more. (And, for most of these, you're probably not going to notice that extra dollar anyway.) For a full list of local participants, head over to the UNICEF site and search for DC.

· UNICEF Tap Project [Official Site]