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Five Guys Owner Says Ballpark Never Offered New Contract

On Friday we learned that the Five Guys location in Nationals Park would not reopen this baseball season for mysterious reasons. Speculation abounded that the rent was too high or that the burger chain decided its location just outside the ballpark was enough. Now franchise owner Charley Beresford explains the reason is simple: the ballpark did not even offer him another contract.

Beresford was ready to negotiate another contract. The Five Guys outpost was lucrative and popular, so he was all in: "If they called me right now and said, 'Hey can you do it by opening day?' I would say yes." But Beresford says he never heard from the ballpark one way or another about the contract. To this day, he has no idea why they decided not to renew, commenting that he thought they did well and didn't do anything wrong. But apparently there's no hard feelings. Beresford still plans on attending Opening Day to cheer on the Nats — and find out who's replacing them.

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Five Guys [Photo: Mike Cole/Flickr]

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