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City Paper Names Proof, Ashok Bajak, And More Best Of DC

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The polls closed last week and today the Washington City Paper has finally unveiled its annual Best Of DC list. Unsurprisingly, the food & drink results look almost nothing like the roster of RAMMY nominees announced on Tuesday. Then again, the RAMMYs don't have a "Best Unintentionally Vaginal Dessert" category. Let's take a look, shall we?

The Reader's Poll: Kushi, Komi, ChurchKey and the Gibson seem to be the big winners among the public-at-large, each garnering wins in two categories. The Gibson's got top cocktails, ChurchKey's got the best beers, Komi is super fancy and Kushi dominated all Asian cuisine. Forget Palena and Georgetown Cupcake because the people just want more Five Guys burgers and Baked & Wired cupcakes. In a questionable indictment of local Italian cuisine, the Vapiano's chain beat out Filomena and Dino for best Italian restaurant. And Top Chef continues to play kingmaker with Carla Hall taking the prize for best chef.

Staff Picks: In the closest overlaps with the RAMMYs, Proof nabbed the Best Restaurant title this year while Ashok Bajaj won top restaurateur for his empire that includes Rasika, Ardeo+Bardeo and more. The City Paper also credits The Source as the best place to be in the spotlight with its power tables, Obama sightings and such.

From there, the categories get a lot more fun — and random. What gives you the best reason to cough? The shishitou peppers at Estadio, it seems. Agora has the dubious honor of serving the best unintentionally vaginal dessert, while Steptoe & Johnson filed the best food-based lawsuit against Rogue States for their burger fumes. Other categories were clearly designed specifically for the winner. After all, there aren't a lot of Uruguayan sandwiches to be had in DC other than those served at gas-station-wonder Fast Gourmet. In a case of bad timing, the City Paper's pick for best place to call out bad customers, The General Store, closed yesterday. Not for calling out bad customers.

The reader's poll and staff picks did reveal a few common threads: Get your wings at Duffy's and beer from Mad Fox and ChurchKey.

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Proof [Photo: Alicia G./Yelp]


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