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Solar Living; The End Of The World; Bonfide Tavern In Shaw

The latest from Curbed DC. Everything you wanted to know about what's happening in neighborhood and real estate around town.

5556013184_9c4edda601_o-196x120.jpgWISCONSIN AVE—A greenified building with eighteen solar panels is one the market for just under $1.6M. It has suffered a $250,000 price chop to make it more affordable for all the tree huggers out there.

KANSAS—We don't usually report on things going on in the middle of nowhere, but this was too unbelievable to ignore. Someone is building an underground bunker to house luxury survival condos able to to withstand your average hurricane, plague of locusts, or any other way the world can end.

LEDROIT PARK—The restaurant Shaw's Tavern really will be a Tavern. Above all the eating, drinking, and generally making merry are living quarters almost ready to hit the market. There are three units available which will be handy if the Three Wise Men happen to be passing by. Pregnant virgins also welcome.