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Welcome To Eater DC!

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eaterdc.jpgIt's official: Eater has arrived in our nation's capital. We know, we know. It's about time. Exciting things are happening in DC's culinary scene, which shed its stodgy steak-and-potatoes image long ago. We've been eager to jump into the fray. And now that day is here.

We are thrilled to join the Eater National family of sites, including New York, Chicago, LA, SF, Miami, Austin and Portland, Ore. And keep a lookout for Eater in Seattle. Pretty soon, we'll have outposts all across the country. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. First, let's focus on DC, the new site and me, Amy McKeever, Eater DC's new editor.

Eater DC will bring you a daily dose of restaurant-and-food-truck news, chef tales and fancy (or not) events to check out. We may be more interested in pork than pork-barrel politics, but we'll have plenty to satiate the wonk in you, too. No, we're not going to be throwing out recipes or reviews, but we will bring you news fresher than a catch from Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market.

But that doesn't mean you just get to sit back and read. We need you to send us tips. We want to hear every rumble and creak in DC's restaurant and nightlife scene, and that means sending us everything you see and hear. Openings, closings, pictures of ridiculous signage, weird policies, chefs changing restaurants, health code violations, funny menu typos, politico or celeb sightings, rumors, innuendo. If the Secret Service is casing out Estadio, you'd better let us know.

Oh, one more thing: we're going live today with a new sister site: Curbed DC, for neighborhood and real estate obsessives, helmed by Amy Rose Dobson. Yes, that makes us DC's other Two Amys. Anyway, do check it out.

So it's really nice to meet you. We can't wait to get started.