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First Ladies Lunch In The Main Dining Room At Equinox

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Welcome to Obama Watch, home to all your presidential restaurant sightings. Should you happen to notice the presidential motorcade pulling up to any local establishments, let us know. Same goes for your fave politico sightings.

equinox%20dining%20room.jpgFirst Lady Michelle Obama and Mexico's visiting First Lady Margarita Zavala had a lunch date late last Thursday, and their restaurant of choice was none other than Todd Gray's Equinox. This was no private affair — the first ladies sat in the main dining room with the plebes, where they ordered a pulled chicken salad and a chopped salad with quail egg, accompanied by a side of Jerusalem artichoke gnocchi. They split lemon ricotta fritters and caramel hazelnut truffles for dessert. And Obama Foodorama reports that the first ladies chatted with Gray and his wife Ellen about the Chefs Move To Schools program after the meal.

This isn't the first time Equinox has hosted the Obama family. Back in 2009, the conveniently White House-neighboring restaurant hosted a POTUS-FLOTUS date night. The Grays wrote on their blog that they "hope that this relationship will only grow stronger through this presidential term."

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Equinox [Photo: Yelp]


818 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington DC, DC 20006


818 Connecticut Ave, NW, Washington, DC