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Todd Kliman Explains DC 'May Never Be' A True Food Town

Washingtonian critic Todd Kliman explained the facts of life to readers of his weekly online chat this morning: DC is just not a food town, you guys.

When asked why service here is so unremarkable, Kliman agrees that the pool of good servers is thin and argues that, unlike New York or San Francisco, people don't think to come to DC to make a living serving food. Though he says our nation's capital has made great strides in dining, "This is not yet — and may never be — a city where people regard food at all levels as a serious pursuit, as something that expresses the moment, as something to be hotly discussed."

Kliman concludes that he hopes people will someday see DC as a place to become a career waiter or waitress — but "that day is a ways off."

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