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Live In A Spy House; Earth From Above; A Brief Museum For A House

The latest from Curbed DC. Everything you wanted to know about what's happening in neighborhood and real estate around town...


EARTH—Check out the free movie called Home filled with stunning aerial photography about our fair planet. It is streaming on the movie's official Youtube channel. [Home The Movie]

VIENNA—Former spy Robert Hanssen used to live in Vienna before moving to a federally gated community for the rest of his life. His house, pictured above, is now on the market for $725,000. Click over to check out a few dozen pictures of the interior. [Llewellyn Realtors]

LANSDOWNE, VA—Next month the last condos in the luxury Riverview building are set to go to auction. Open houses are being held Wednesdays through Sunday.

CHARLOTTESVILLE—A couple hoping to sell their house decided to turn it into a temporary museum for a week with the goal of luring potential buyers to come and check out the house while they gaze at the borrowed art and antiques.