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DC Vegan's Amber McDonald On DC's Best Veggie Burgers

To kick things off, we decided to go to an expert for her picks for DC's best veggie burger—a notable categorical absence from our reader poll. DC Vegan's Amber McDonald graciously shared with us about her choices:

"In DC, the best veggie burger is, hands down, Science Club's housemade black bean burger. It's got a falafel-like texture and is served with vegan aioli. Another favorite is Tackle Box's portabella mushroom burger. It's huge, tender and juicy. Perfection. I haven't had them, but I've heard great things about the veggie burgers at Open City, BGR and Thunder Burger."

BGR [Photo:]

BGR - The Burger Joint

1514 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20036 202 299 1071