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Trump Buys Winery; Design House Opens; Unload Mortgage Payments

The latest from Curbed DC. Everything you wanted to know about what's happening in neighborhood and real estate around town.
CHARLOTTESVILLE—Donald Trump bought the 300 hundred acre Kluge estate yesterday at a bank auction. He had tried to buy it previously when it went to foreclosure, but was outbid by Bank Of America. He got a much better deal this time around. Click over for the financials and pictures of the mansions. [WaPo]

DISTRICT—The DC Design House starts tomorrow and runs through May 8th. Curbed DC has an interview with Patrick Sutton, one of the creative minds involved in the project that also raises money for Children's National Medical Center. [DC Design House]

EVERYWHERE—The ad company Adzookie is offering to pay people's mortgages if they let their house be temporarily painted with an advertisement, such as the ones on billboards along the highway. [CNN; Adzookie]