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DC Reynolds, Mama Chuy And Comma Pizzeria On The Way

Welcome to the Plywood Report, where we fill you in on what's coming up in food. See anything happening in your neighborhood? Let us know.

1) Columbia Heights: New Columbia Heights reports that a new bar named DC Reynolds is heading to Georgia Avenue, expected to be "similar to the old Temperance Hall" in concept. They've applied for a liquor license and they have a Twitter handle where they say they hope to open in the fall. Click through for videos of the build-out. [PLYWOOD]

2) Columbia Heights: And in more Georgia Avenue news, Prince of Petworth has it that a new Mexican restaurant named Mama Chuy DC is taking over the Philadelphia Ice Factory Space with a summer garden and limited seating. The restaurant's website describes it as a "modern-day Mexican taqueria" and, per Twitter, they're aiming for a mid-to-late June opening. [PLYWOOD]

3) Penn Quarter: Prince of Petworth says that Comma Pizzeria and Restaurant is opening in the new Skanska building serving sandwiches, salads and, obviously, pizza. [PLYWOOD]

Mama Chuy DC [Photo: Facebook]

DC Reynolds

3628 Georgia Avenue NW, Washington, DC