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Bubble Living; Informal Powder Rooms; Antiques Roadshow

The latest from Curbed DC. Everything you wanted to know about what's happening in neighborhood and real estate around town...

POTOMAC—The picture above is the master bath for a mansion in Potomac, which also has a designated informal powder room for those that are intimidated by all that marble. The informal powder room only has a marble vanity, glitzy mirror, and shower with room for five.

BUBBLE—A DC artist and art collector are experimenting with the relationship between the two camps by moving in together...sort of. The artist, Agnes Bolt, is living inside a plastic bubble inside the apartment of the collector, Phillipa Hughes.

CHANNEL 26Antiques Roadshow was at the Convention Center last year and the three episodes they shot will air on May 23 at 8 pm and May 30 at 8 pm and 9.30 pm on WETA. [Fishbowl DC]