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FoodEx_Washington_DC-150.pngEarlier this week, we announced a contest for a pair of free tickets to Sunday's DC Taco Experiment. There were a lot of great entries, but our winner must know how we like to play Balderdash: "My perfect taco can not be described. It is ethereal. It is a unicorn that also turns to ash upon its death, thereby making it a phoenix. If I were to cross that intellectual hurdle, I imagine it would be a brain-blowsion of flavor. Tender pork marinated in chipotle sauce; not so much having fallen off the bone, but rejecting it outright. Pork overflowing from a fried tortilla that had been hand-rolled a moment prior by a woman who has done it so often, it is like breathing. A small amount of salsa, with the right amount of heat." So congrats!